Hand-Curated Guest Post Sites Database + Special Offer

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👋 We have already removed bad guest post sites by weeding out sites with a DR of less than 15 and an estimated monthly search traffic of less than 100.

👉 All the metrics come from Ahrefs, and their estimated monthly traffic is usually 3x – 5x less than the real traffic.

What do you get inside the database?

1,200+ Websites


Domain Rating

Estimated Monthly Search Traffic

Ranking Keywords

Referring Domains

Direct Contact Link or Email Address

👊 We are adding new niches and websites on a bi-weekly basis. If you think that we have missed a niche, you can just send us a message and we will try to add the niche as soon as possible. We are very flexible! 😀

The database requires a lot of metrics update, regular editing, and filtering. And the only way for us to be profitable is to charge for this database. But we are not going to ask for a fortune.

👉 It’s only $29/month only for Investing.io subscribers with 3 days FREE Trial (regular price is $39/mo)-

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Cost = We invested around 150+ hours in curating this huge database. If you calculate the time even at $5/hr, it equates to around $750. Also, it requires an additional 30+ hours every month to keep everything smooth, which equates to another $150/month. So basically this is a steal for you 😁