Side Project: How I built a 1100+ Guest Post Websites Database

I own a few affiliate marketing websites.

I published around 85 articles but got little to no rankings and traffic. Link building was never in my arsenal because paying for over-priced guest posts seemed daunting and PBNs are a no-go for me.

I started learning about link-building strategies and processes through Youtube and blogs. Mainly, via Ahrefs blog and Ahrefs Youtube channel.

A video by Sam Oh caught my attention and the strategies discussed seemed practical and effective.

It’s about guest posting. Here is the video.

After watching this video I went into a guest post site scraping spree. It wasn’t fun, actually, it was so boring that I had to watch the “Silicon Valley” show clips to keep myself awake.

Anyways, here is how I did it –

  1. I opened an incognito window and searched this search string in Google – “niche” + write for us
  2. Copied all the links in a spreadsheet and repeated once again with “niche” + “guest post” just to check if I missed some sites or not.
  3. After that, I opened the Ahrefs batch analysis tool and put in all the URLs that I got previously. Once the tool provides all the data such as Domain Rating, Backlinks, Traffic, and so on, I started filtering websites on the basis of their metrics.
  4. Here is the formula that I followed – the website should have a DR (Domain Rating) of at least 15 and the monthly traffic should be at least 100. Please keep in mind that, Ahrefs usually predicts a website’s monthly traffic 3x -5x less than the actual traffic.
  5. Once I got the “bad sites” filtered out, I put the remaining ones in an Airtable database.
  6. I did this for around 15+ niches and built a database of 1100+ websites that accepts guest post submissions.

I have actually turned that database into a product. You can get yourself a 3-days free trial here.

*BTW, I want to be totally honest with you all. You will need to set up a subscription before you can access the database for free.

But, if you don’t want to pay, no issues at all, you can just cancel it and we can still be friends 🙂

Anyways, back to why I built this database in the first place when I could have easily get it done for just my niche and would have called it a day?

  • Finding good websites accepting guest post submissions is a real pain in the ass, and it’s the cry of many SEO professionals.
  • It feels surreal to help people with something that I built on my own.

Feel free to ask me questions, troll me, and appreciate me.

Everyone is welcome!


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I hope you liked it. It was just an overall strategy article, I will publish a more in-depth article very soon. By the way, I have reduced the price to $12/month, get yourself a trial :).

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